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"No matter how many psychoanalytic journals you already subscribe to, you will find something new, different, and stimulating in Psychoanalytic Perspectives. The journal, in its young life, has already shown itself to be innovative in format and content, offering a reading experience that is fresh, unique, and eclectic."
-- Neil Altman, Ph.D.

“With so many psychoanalytic journals available, and at a time of crisis for psychoanalysis, why would anyone launch a new psychoanalytic journal? Psychoanalytic Perspectives has burst upon the scene just when we need it most. Breaking down old barriers and disciplinary boundaries, fostering an openness of spirit and a fresh approach to original writing and creative theoretical integration, Psychoanalytic Perspectives sets a new tone for respectful conversation, psychoanalytic scholarship, interdisciplinary exchange, and professional education. A must-read for the contemporary student and clinician."
-- Lewis Aron, Ph.D.

"Psychoanalytic Perspectives manifests a unique and engagingly authentic personality that I expect will delight and enlighten its readers for years to come. The content selection, though far-ranging and diverse, is not arbitrary or capricious, but reflective of an innovative vision and deep sense of purpose that embraces psychoanalytic thinking, social consciousness, and creative expression.”
-- Philip Bromberg, Ph.D.

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"Psychoanalytic Perspectives is innovative in its vision and presentation. It focuses on multiple perspectives of cutting-edge issues in psychoanalytic theory and clinical practice and addresses the application of psychoanalytic ideas to social, political, and spiritual issues as well. Adding interviews of prominent authors and poetry and prose provide personal and creative dimensions. The unique combination of scholarship, creativity, and dialogue make this a riveting read. As a co-founder of NIP-TI, I am proud of this journal and have great respect for my colleagues at NIP-TI who made it happen."
-- James L. Fosshage, Ph.D.

"By focusing on the analytic exploration of social and political, as well as clinical, issues, Psychoanalytic Perspectives expands the range of our knowledge in a most valuable way. As a fresh, new voice in American psychoanalysis, it is a most welcome addition to our field."
-- Theodore Jacobs, M.D.

"It was very exciting to read the inaugural issue of Psychoanalytic Perspectives. It certainly fostered my 'openness, playfulness and creativity'…There was a wealth of fascinating, clinically relevant detail…written in a clear, succinct style with the minimum of obfuscating jargon."
-- Glenys Lobban, Ph.D.

"The 'Poetry by People in Analysis' section of Psychoanalytic Perspectives (Vol. 3 #1, Fall/Winter 2005) made for a remarkable issue. To my knowledge, there has been nothing like it in a journal in the history of our field. Each of the poems is interesting in its own right. I am sure my favorites will change over time. I keep the issue on my desk and read a poem now and again. You are a real pioneer in expanding the domain of what is 'psychoanalysis.'"
-- Thomas Ogden, M.D.

“I found [Psychoanalytic Perspectives] compelling and highly readable. I enjoyed the high quality of writing and the obviously high quality of editing that went into this issue…This publication can make a significant contribution to the literature of psychotherapy."
-- Louis R. Ormont, Ph.D.

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